I build computer-controlled, kinetic sculptures as a way to demarcate time and space. I start each piece with a basic concept for the moving elements. I use multiple similar elements moving in relationship to each other and to their supporting structure.

I use a similar approach in creating live video performance or visual music. 

Not only is time the medium in which I work, but it is also the constant theme.  With these moving elements I look to evoke the dynamic relationships I see all around me – the ebb and flow of everyday life.


B.F.A. University of Michigan, School of Art, 1990

Washtenaw Community College, 1998-99, Studied Welding and Fabrication


1999-Present     Full-time artist

1988-1999     Computer Programmer and part-time artist

Worked at a variety of organizations including Kodak, The University of Michigan, and Constructive Instruments. Responsibilities included: applications programming, database design and implementation, medical informatics, user interface design, 3D simulation and animation, web site programming, networking, embedded systems, hardware and software specification, end user training, project management and budgeting. I entered this career during college as a way to hone my craft, and have discontinued it in order to devote more time to my artwork.